Inventory management & distribution

Inventory management & distribution

Inventory management & distribution

We work under efficient system that help customers to maintain inventory based on delivery to mass production schedule.

Remind of customer to considering of using long-storage remaining components in new product design,alert customer about short-storage and long lead time components which need to order in advance for urgent orders.

All these efforts on optimize inventory management leads to easy access of fast turnarounds on orders while reducing labor cost and transportation cost. 

Compare to high warehouse cost in customer’s local warehouse,Zealfull provide storage service in reasonable charge for turnaround orders and ship to customer’s distributors all over the world.

    We Are Product Idea Accelerator


    Our PCB Products Are Widely Used In Telecommunication, Industrial Control , Consumer Electronics(Wifi Module, Bluetooth Module ,Various Sensors), Automotive Electronics Ect..Strong Supply Chain And Strict Production Procedure Control Allow Us To Provide High Quality Products And Swift Delivery For Our Customers. .

    We Got A Global Client Base,Including KOC, TR; CLX; UPC;J &Amp; G; FAW; CHERY; BYD Etc.